Session Setup

Connect with me from anywhere in the world. No need to drive to a location, all you need is either a computer, tablet, or phone, a stable internet connection and a browser or app.

Sessions is a professional one-to-one live video stream system, which also provides an interface for text chats and screen sharing. As a client, you don't need to have an account and it is free.

Using Sessions in a Browser

The easiest for you is to use a browser for our meetings.

When you join a meeting, you may be prompted to agree to the use of the camera and microphone of your device. If you encounter problems with this setup, please see the following help pages for different browsers:

Using the Sessions App

If you are using a mobile device (iOS/Android), you can choose to download the Sessions mobile app for our meetings (optional). It works with the same meeting link and is easy to download and install.

You can download the app for

If it turns out that Sessions doesn't work for our meetings, we can use Skype or Zoom instead.

Further technical help

If you need further help with installing and using Skype, please feel free to contact me. I have worked years at an IT Service Desk and will be able to walk you through the steps.


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